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Welcome to my trial and error financial education.

While learning how to “adult”, I spent most of my 20’s figuring out that my formal education had taught me next to nothing about the one thing that seemed to rule my life – money.  Glaring gaps in my knowledge showed themselves early on, and rather than let others struggle through the learning process like I did, I’ve decided to impart whatever financial wisdom I’ve gained in the hopes that someone might benefit from my mistakes and successes.

It seems there isn’t a young person out there that hasn’t shared their financial woes over beers with a friend, wondering why in the world we weren’t taught certain things in high school…. Taxes, student loans, mortgage rates, and credit all remained a relative mystery to most of our generation until we discovered problems with one (or all) of them.

Through a series of hilarious mishaps, moderate misunderstandings, and eventual enlightenment, I’ve learned a lot about fiscal responsibility and the role money plays in my life.  I used to allow money to cause me stress, it ruled every day and every decision I made as a young person out on my own for the first time.  By educating myself and struggling through my mistakes (and there were many), money has taken on a new role in my life, and I now see it as a tool to do the things that are actually important to me.

Money can’t buy happiness.  But it can buy beer.  And a boat.  And a little slice of paradise to call your own.  It’s been a decade-long struggle, but the truth is it’s not about the money – it’s about the platform it gives you to live the life you’ve envisioned for yourself.

So if you want to feel better about your financial position, or just commiserate with a fellow traveler on the road to financial freedom, read on.

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